Saturday, 13 September 2014

Top 10 Most Popular Music Websites In The World

Do you want to listen music online? These top 10 most popular music websites allow users to listen music online free of charge and of some of these websites also allow you to record your songs. In this article, you can see top 10 highly popular music websites which offer free online music. Ranking of these music websites are based on Alexa ranking, average page views, average time on site and users activities.

1. Yahoo Music - Yahoo offers great service to internet users by providing free online music. Users can listen & watch free music videos. Yahoo music provides free internet radio, music , news related latest music and other kinds of information related to movies , albums and music. Yahoo acquired in 2001 and later it was changed in Yahoo Music.

2. Myspace - Myspace music also offers free music for internet users. You can watch free video songs, listen music including movies songs, albums and mp3 songs. Users can also find here new releases songs here.

3. AOL Music - AOL music is one of the most popular music websites in the world where users can find all kinds of music, video songs, albums for free. One of the largest music directories on the web that is available for free.

4. Grooveshark - Grooveshark is one of the most popular music websites on the internet where users can listen & upload music. Grooveshark has powerful search music search where users can find new releases from all types of artists. Grooveshark was founded in 2007.

5. - is a highly popular music website with over than 30 million active users. was founded in 2002 and it is owned by CBS interactive. One of the most popular free internet radio stations where users can find music and can also record their own music.

6. Spotify - Spotify is Swedish music companies where users can buy music albums at affordable rates. Spotify offers users to create free account for 30 days as a premium member, Although it is not available for all countries but one of the most visited music websites on the web. Spotify was launched in 2008.

7. Live365 - Live365 is an internet music network that has over than 7000 active stations. Live365 also allows users to create their own online music stations. Great service for listening music without spending money.

8. Jango - Jango is one of the most visited music websites in the world where users can find all kinds of music free of charge. Jango is an ad sported internet radio station that also serves social networking platform for music listeners. Jango was launched in November 2007.

9. Radio - Radio is one of the most popular music websites where users can find more than 450 online stations. Great place to find all kinds of music for free.

10. eMusic - eMusic is an online music website where users can download songs in mp3 format. One of the most popular music websites on the web for downloading MP3 songs. Founded in 1998. 

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